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About Us

Who We Are

We are one of the country’s fastest growing firm of solicitors, established in 2013 to offer specialist legal advice to individuals and business based both in and outside of the UK. This growth has derived from a simple mission: to provide reliable, accurate, non-judgmental, and practical legal advice.

We’re a leading niche practice with a team that specialises in immigration, nationality matters, human rights, commercial leases, family matters and the Personal Injury sector. We ensure that the service we provide is swift, friendly, reliable, honest, affordable, and professional. Moreover, we are fortunate to have a vibrant and a culturally diverse practice with clients hailing from all different backgrounds and parts of the world.
We are a growing firm and due to this reason followed by our commitment to ensure that everyone has access to our services, our rates are highly competitive and reasonable, allowing us to stand out amongst our competitors in this field. We stand undefeated in terms of price, quality, and the dedication that we work with for our clients.

We provide legal advice concerning all UK immigration problems including, but not limited to, family and long residency, claims for asylum, and applications and appeals under the points-based system. We also provide assistance with citizenship, and judicial review applications. Additionally, we assist with all stages of personal injury claims.

Although our firm is relatively new, our solicitors are not. Each one of the members of our team are greatly experienced in their chosen areas of interest and we decided to combine our individual knowledge and expertise to form Worldwide Solicitors. If you wish to know more about our individual areas of expertise and practice, please see our staff profiles for more information.

Our team is totally committed to secure the best possible outcome for our clients in the shortest amount of time possible, and we facilitate our support to our clients every step of the way.

Worldwide Solicitors are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulations Authority, SRA Number 628884.

We’re lawyers who listen, and we’ll tell you the truth.

To us, our clients are more than “pounds, shillings and pence”. You’re real people with real stories, real issues, and real needs. Everyone is different, and everyone is complicated, no matter how it appears on the outside.

When you instruct us, we’ll want to understand you, not just your problems. We’ll try to get to know what makes you tick. We’ve found that learning people’s stories makes us better advocates for them.

To us, our clients are more than just “pounds, shillings and pence”. You are real people with real stories, problems, and needs. Thus, we ensure to understand our clients and develop rapport. We strongly believe that there is truth in the claim that a better understanding and a strong relationship with clients leads to better advocacy and so we do our best to do just that, if not more.  (The two paragraphs above are merged)

We recognise that you’re people who sometimes make mistakes. Everyone does. Our philosophy is that everyone deserves a chance to put things right- and that’s what we’ll aim to give you. 

But we’ll always be honest with you. We won’t hide uncomfortable realities from you, we won’t pretend that we can do the impossible. What we will do is make sure that you know, as far as we are able, what your chances are and improve those chances as best as we can.

Many of our clients have impressed us with their drive and determination, whether that is to solve their social or immigration problems, or as entrepreneurs in a business capacity.

We’ve been inspired to incorporate this same spirit into our legal advice and whole business. We don’t leave stones unturned, or arguments unexplored. There’s no limit to our appetite to discover more about our clients, current technology, or our ever-evolving global marketplace. Worldwide Solicitors’ working culture is that of innovation and resolve.

We measure our success by our client’s satisfaction. After all, you’re the one signing the dotted line and we want you to be entirely comfortable with that. We’re looking forward to discovering what we can do for you. Do, please, get in touch.

Helping Individuals & Businesses just like you

Many of our clients have impressed us with their drive and determination, whether that is to solve
their social or immigration problems, or as entrepreneurs in a business capacity.

Our Process


We can sometimes provide general information free of charge by telephone to help you decide to whether or not to use our services. This service is subject to the availability of our solicitors and is unlikely to exceed a few minutes. The information will be provided at our sole discretion and is entirely informal. No liability is admitted in respect of it.

For more complex discussions, we prefer to arrange a face to face conference. This will allow us to give formal advice on more complex issues, and advice tailored to the specific needs of your case. We charge consultation fees of £30.00 for this type of advice.

Expert Advice

Everyone needs a lawyer at some time during their lives, and when you do, you’ll want it to be a lawyer who specialises in a particular field. We won’t compromise the quality of our advice by pretending to be able to deal with every part of the law- and you should be sceptical about any lawyer who claims to be able to do this.

Instead, we confine this firm’s practices to our specialist areas- personal injury, and immigration. We are able to stay up to date with these fast changing and controversial areas of law. You can be confident that the person advising you is an expert.

Successful Results

Our proven track record of success speaks for itself. Ours is a market which depends on word of mouth, and many of our former clients refer us to their friends and relatives, expanding our clientele. We are extremely proud and protective of this loyal following and would love to see every one of our clients be equally satisfied in the near future. Winning a legal case can be the best moment of a person’s life. The satisfaction of a person whose worries are solved is what makes our efforts on his/her behalf worthwhile. That is precisely our goal – to see everyone who we help, happy with the outcome of their case.


Our Team

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